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Cocopeat is an excellent growing medium for home & lawn garden plants. It is widely used with potted plants & also it is one of the best media for seed germination. It improves aeration in the soil for optimal root growth while maintaining the ideal nutrient availability for plants. It also helps in loosening the heavy soil and enhances the water retention capacity. The cocopeat expands up to 6 times its actual weight when added to water, making it convenient to use in the long run. It is 100% organic, free from any contamination & also very effective for greenhouse applications.

Cocopeat for Home & Garden Plants
Cocopeat is an ideal media for all types of potted plants as well as for growing vegetables, flowers or herbs from seeds.

Usage Instruction

  • Take a bucket, tub or any container filled with water & immerse the block.
  • Keep the block immersed for 3-4 hours during which it will become loose & ready to use in the form of cocopeat powder.
  • The cocopeat block can expand upto 6 times its actual weight.
  • Use the cocopeat powder directly or it can be mixed with any other soil.

Cocopeat For Growing Plants

  • Cocopeat offers excellent water retention, reliable drainage & ideal aeration. The roots get plenty of room, allowing for optimum air exposure.
  • Loosens heavy soil & promotes the healthy growth of plants.
  • It remains moist for longer duration; hence, less watering required.
  • Perfect for all types of indoor, outdoor, flowering & potted plants.

Cocopeat For Seed Germination

  • All type of vegetable, flower & herb seeds can be germinated in the cocopeat.
  • Powdered form of cocopeat is soft, retains moisture, allows aeration for optimal germination.
  • Cocopeat absorbs water instantaneously, providing immediate hydration for better root growth.
  • Light weight of cocopeat helps in easy germination of seeds.

Advantages Of Cocopeat

  • High water holding capacity of cocopeat helps in retaining the moisture.
  • Improves aeration in soil promoting stronger root growth.
  • Perfectly balanced pH & Low EC.
  • Loosens heavy soil.
  • Very efficient drainage of excess water.
  • Light weight & easy to use.
  • Resistant to fungi & other pests protecting against root diseases.

Go Organic

  • It is 100% Organic & hence friends to nature.
  • Made from coconut coir/fibre which is completely natural & a renewable source.
  • Avoid use of any chemical based soil mixes available in the market.
  • The cocopeat is an environmentally conscious product.
  • The cocopeat is suitable for organic gardening & farming.

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