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DBact | Waste Ecomposting Culture | Compost Accelerator

  • Break down any organic Junk into healthy Soil Compost in less than 60 days
  • A simple and ready to use Product at the most better range that helps you to produce Compost inside in your home
  • Controls Odour
  • After collecting waste, add half teaspoon of D-Bact for 1 feet heap. Recommended to add once a week

Benefits: Decomposing of Press mud, Poultry manure, & agriculture wastes like banana leaves, sugarcane waste, Paddy straws and other farm wastes, kitchen waste, etc. It decomposes within 40-45 days only i.e. depends on waste material. D-bact is not only for decomposing, it prevent and control soil born fungal and bacterial diseases and even soil pest. D-bact increases organic carbon and helps in healthy plant growth. Usage & Dosage: Use 1Lt/kg of D-bact mix with 200 Lt of (if possible add1kg black jiggery solution) water and spray / spread on 1-2MT of press mud/poultry manure / agriculture waste material. Note: For sugarcane press mud decomposting: 1) If already practicing windrows method, spray on heaps. 2) For bulky heaps, spread on top layers as well as pour / drench the diluted culture by making holes at different places on heaps. If possible mulch after 20-25 days & do the same practice again. Shelf life: One year from the date of manufacturing.

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