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Natural NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, PotasNeem Cake Powder Organic Fertilizer And Pest Repellent

sium) and other micro nutrients that are needed for better growth of plants and better yield of fruits and vegetables

Improves plant root development and protects from nematodes

Recommended quantity is 25 gms per pot

It act as a natural fertilizer, soil conditioner, pest & insect repellent

It enriches the soil and protect the plant due to its natural pesticide content


Natural Manure has100% Natural, no chemicals added. This is for Natural bio-fertilizer. Its help in constant and healthy growth of the plant.

Pest Repellent:

Neem cake powder is a great bio-fertilizer and pest repellent. It is the residue left after the neem kernels are crushed for the oil.

Neem fertilizer Agriculture

Home Garden Mix:

Neem Cake Powder has use for all the plants in home garden .Apply neem cake powder when you prepare potting soil, 10-14 days before planting. When you use for established plants, apply it around the root area and ensure it is covered and mixed well with soil.


Recommended quantity is 25 gms per pot. Note: Results of Neem cake powder will be seen slowly over a period of time. Important: For better results add neem cake powder when preparing potting mix in the recommended ratio. Adding neem cake powder more than recommended quantity may kill the plant.

Agriculture Use:

Neem cake powder is used as the agriculture purpose also, plant has grown well in the powder.

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