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Tricho Power is a dormant spore of naturally occurring fungi. Trichoderma viride fungus with enzymes, fats and growth promoting molecules, which is produced with sophisticated innovative technology at K.N. Biosciences. For disease that damages to various crop: Fungus present in Tricho Power control various disease like Root rot, Die back, Fusarium wilt, Collar rot, Pod blight, Red rot, Stem rot, Seedling blight, Soft rot, Clump rot, Dry rot, Panama wilt, Bean rot, Late blight, Fruit rot, Black leg, Damping off , Abnormal leaf fall, Black threat, Canker and Pod rot. Trichoderma In Agriculture, Special Mechanisms for Special Purpose: Upon each application, the dormant spore of Trichoderma viride gets active and during its growth, its adopt various mechanism to control harmful fungus like Mycoparasitism: direct attack on harmful fungus Antibiosis: Destroy harmful fungus by releasing various enzymes Competition: Fast growth of Trichoderma viride lead competition for air, space, Water, food and soil etc with harmful fungus. Dosage: 3 to 5ml per one liter of water Composition: Trichoderma viride: 20-30 %(v/v) Carriers with stabilizers : 70-80 %(v/v) Potency: 2x108cells/ml

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