Drain Mat for Terrace Garden


Why Are Drain Cell Mats Important?

Keeping Grow Bags/pots Directly On The Terrace Can Cause Water Logging, Which In Turn Seeps Through The Terrace And Can Cause Structural Weakness And Leakage To Your Terrace.

Keeping Pots/grow Bags For Long Will Help In Growth Of Fungus And Mold, Which Will Turn Your Terrace Slippery And Prone To Damage As Well.

Using A Drain Mat Will Fix Both These Important Problems And Hence It Is A Must Have If You're Taking Up Gardening Seriously.

How Are Drain Cell Mats Made?

Made Of 100% Recycled Poly Propylene, These Drain Mats Can Discharge Water Effectively And Quickly Thereby Helping In Quick Evaporation. These Drain Mats Are Structurally Strong And Have A Compressive Strength Of 100 Tonnes/metre2

These Drain Cells Can Be Easily Interlocked So That You Can Increase The Area As Needed. You Can Even Cover Your Entire Terrace If You're Planning To Grow Plants All Over Your Terrace.

Intimate Design: The Tilting Design Of The Cell Wall Works Together With The Drain Hole At The Bottom To Drain Excess Water, Promote Root Circulation, And Prevent Root Damage Caused By Over-watering.

A Perfect Solution For A Subsoil Drainage Application Also For Creating A Successful Roof Garden.

High Quality: Super Thick Plastic Material, Can Be Used Repeatedly For Rooftop Garden And Balcony. The Best Start To Your Dream Garden.


Drain Cell Is A Structural Drainage Module Manufactured From 100 % Recycled Polypropylene Designed For Sub-surface Drainage Where A High Capture And Discharge Rate Of Water And High Compressive Strength Is Required. Drain Cell Is Used In The Construction Of Roof Gardens, Planter Boxes, Basements, Pond Filtration Systems, Concealed Drains. Drain Cell Modules Are Easily Interlocked In The Same Plane Or At Right Angles To One Another. Drain Mat For Plants, Drain Cell Mat Price, Drain Cell For Terrace Garden Online, Andhra Pradesh And Telangana, India wide Suppliers and Transportations Available.

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