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Meet The All New Wormbin, A Vermicomposting Bin To Recycle Your Food Scraps And Household Waste. Loaded With Worms Which Work 24/7 Converting Waste Into Nutrient Rich Organic Fertilizer For Your Garden. 

Wormbin VT Kit Content List

⦾ 3 stacking trays, 4 legs, base with tap, cup and vented lid with guide

⦾ Worm Bedding Starter Kit: Conditioner, Coconut peat

⦾ Accessory Kit: Hand gloves, Cultivator, Worm Blanket, and Composting 101 Manual

⦾ 1500pcs of earth worms (red wigglers)

Capacity – 84 litres

Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 70 cm

High quality recyclable plastic

Includes 1 year warranty

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