Best Potting Mix For Container Gardening In West Godavari



Provides efficient drainage-aeration and enough water holding capacity saving water

Made with 100% natural ingredients, No chemicals added with this mix

Light Weight and easy to handle. Protects roots and makes the plant healthy

Can be readily used to plants of all kinds such as indoor, outdoor, and household plants

Ideal for all kinds of container or potted plants

100% natural and organic, potting soil is a rich mix of nutrients to promote the growth of plants. This garden soil can help improve soil structure so that water and air can move freely through the soil.

Completely organic & does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Contains 11 ingredients for optimum plant nutrition and improved root development

Contents: Coco Peat, Coco Husk, Peat Moss, Neem Powder, Charcoal chips, Leaf mould, Red brick powder, Bio Compost, Perlite, PSB, Tricoderma, Humic Acid, Biozyme.

Contains a re-wetting agent for water retention and maintain pH levels.

Custom blended growing mixture for all varieties of potted plants and bedding.

Pot-o-Mix is a soilless mixture of all the essential ingredients required for healthy growth of plants. It is highly enriched potting mix with all the ingredients to give optimum growth and protect from any pest infestations. Being soil-less it is very light weight and best media to use in all types of pots as well as in vertical gardening wall mounted pots. This ready to use potting mix can be used on almost all kinds of ornamental and flowering plants. It is custom blended fine growing mixture for all varieties of potted plants and soil-beds. Optimum nutrient supply to the plants with improved root development. It also supports better water retention.
















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