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Mustard cake is the residue left over from commercial mustard oil or meal production. Mustard cake is widely used as a fertilizer for flowering and vegetable plants. Mustard oil cake fertilizer is very rich in protein. It provides many micro nutrients to your garden plants. It also prevents many diseases and make your garden plants very healthy. You can use the mustard oil cake fertilizer for flowering plants, vegetable plants.

Widely used as fertilizer for gardening

Extracted from quality mustard seeds with natural colour and very rich in nutrients for plants

Instructions provided for gardening purposes

Premium quality product

Made from high quality mustard. First the cake is made then it is crushed to make the powder

Ideally suited for all flowering plants for their growth and flowering

Powder can be easily mixed with soil and reaches root easily

Makes the flowers bigger and leaves shinier

This plant fertilizer also provides a natural source of NPK. It is all organic and natural.

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