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We are a highly recognized supplier of the Mycorrhizal Fungi Root and our product line is manufactured to meet the specific desires of the market. We have VAM Power which is available in vermiculate and vermicompost base. Mycorrhizal  (fungus root) is an Endophytic Symbiotic association between all plant roots and soil fungus Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrrhiza. VAM is an obligate symbiont, VAM fungus extend their hyphae in to the plant root system helping it to absorb the soil nutrients. It is used as a biofertilizer.


VAM Gives The Following Benefits To The Crops:

Increase N.P.K. uptake, mobilizes Phosphate in the soil.

Micronutrients, Zinc, Cobalt, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, and Molybdenum are made available to the plant.

Enhances tolerance to soil stress like heavy metal toxicity, high salt levels, drought, high temperatures etc.

Mode of Application :

Mix 5 kg. VAM with vermi compost (500 kg.) or any Organic Manure & apply uniformly to all plants near the roots. Irrigate the feild to

maintain enough moisture for the Mycorrhizal spore germination.

Nursery Application:

1 Kg. VAM is sufficient for one square metre bed.

Polythene bag nurseries- Mix 10 kg. of VAM with 1000 kg. of potting mixture.

Inoculation in the existing trees : 200 gm. of VAM should be applied near root surface.

Storage :

The VAM can be stored for one year at room temperature.

Root care and root protection. Mycorrhiza extends their hyphae into the plant root system, helping it to absorb the soil nutrients. Increases NPK uptake. Micronutrients are made available to the plant. Improves soil texture & structure with reduced soil erosion. Secondary disease control agent & enhance resistance to root related diseases and soil stress like heavy metal toxicity. Can be used for soil application or as part of potting mixture. Two teaspoons per pot is sufficient. Suitable for all crops.
















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