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Solutions to most of the problems faced in organic farming like Unproductive soil, Bad Soil health, Pests, Unsatisfactory Fruit quality. Waste decomposer works as Biofertilizer, Biocontrol and as well as Soil Health Reviver.

It contains beneficial microorganisms from Desi Cow Dung for Soil Health Reviver. It can control all types of soil borne, foliar diseases, insects and pests as plant protection agent.

It can be used in various ways such as quick composting of biowastes, foliar spray as biopesticide against most of the plant diseases for all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Waste decomposer application can eliminate up to 90% uses of all types of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticide since it controls both root diseases and shoots diseases.

Made by technology developed by the National Center of Organic Farming, NCOF, Govt. Of India. Kindly note the bottle shape, size and color may change as per the availability of the stock.

Waste decomposer technology is an alternate for all the chemical fertilizers, in fact, Waste decomposer impounds them. Waste decomposer helps the raise in soil micro-organism and leaves congenial environment for nutrients release by decomposing the plant/ crop residue in the field by releasing enzyme. Waste decomposer works as Bio fertilizer, Biocontrol and as well as soil health reviver. It contains beneficial microorganisms from Desi cow Dung for soil health reviver. It can control all types of soil borne, foliar diseases, insects and pests as plant protection agent. All types of problems generally you face in farms, unproductive soil? Bad soil health? Pests? Unsatisfactory fruit quality etc... Can be vanished by just using bio-degradable waste which is completely ORGANIC. This organic waste decomposer will help you to decompose bio-degradable waste into a fruitful compost for plant organism. Waste decomposer is rich in beneficial microorganisms that are prepared by Desi cow dung. It can control all types of soil-borne, foliar diseases/ insects and pests. Waste Decomposer works as Biofertilizer, Bio control and as well as soil health reviver. An innovative waste management technique to manage bio-degradable waste disposal for municipality, own garden. Convert your kitchen waste to a valuable organic compost and utilize it in your garden. Supply natural nutrients to organic farming to produce healthy products. It can be for any or all crops. How to use Waste Decomposer. 1.Take one bottle of waste decomposer and mix it in 200 Liter of water and 2kg jaggery. 2.Keep the solution for a week and every day mixed this solution 2/3 times properly. 3.After a week use the solution to spray at your farms/ water your land.
















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