Country Chicken Farming In Free Range Method


Country Chicken Farming In Free Range Method

Farmer Address

Dokku Venkata Naga Murali

Polasanipalli Village

Noojeedu Zone

Krishna District

Cell No: 99517 05043

Once Traditionally Part Of The Rural Employment And Food Needs, The Cultivation Of Locusts Is Now Being Commercialized And Reaping Profits For The Farmers. With The Price Of Natukodi Meat At Rs. By Cultivating The Cultivars In Freerange Manner In Horticultural Crops Like Oil Palm And Coconut In Accordance With Their Natural Nature, The Farmers Are Achieving Good Economic Results At Low Cost.

Asil Is The Only Species In Our Area That Is Endemic. They Are Currently Available In A Variety Of Colors And Variations Due To Cross-breeding Of Many Breeds Of Chickens. Currently, Farmers Are Noticing That Militancy Is On The Rise Due To Cross-breeding With Peruvian Chickens.

Farmer Dokku Venkata Naga Murali Has Vast Experience In The Cultivation Of Native Plants For The Last 30 Years. The Farmer From Noojeedu, Krishna District, Has Leased A 15-acre Palm Oil Plantation And Is Growing The Seedlings In A Freerange Manner. The Farmer, Who Sells Over 200 Bunches A Year, Describes The Cultivation Of Natukol As A Lucrative Profession. Let Us Know The Full Details In This Story.

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